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Collaborate, learn and laugh with like-minded leaders

A leader’s greatest asset is not power or charisma.

It’s relationships. The FISH! Philosophy helps you build relationships that inspire people to contribute their passion, skill and creativity.

Join our online culture cohort and improve company revenue, customer service, employee morale and team engagement by leading your team with The FISH! Philosophy.

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Your FISH! Coaches

LaMarqué D. Ward Sr., M.Ed.
LaMarqué D. Ward Sr., M.Ed.
COO of ChartHouse Learning
Gene Girdley
Gene Girdley
Certified FISH! Consultant
John Christensen
John Christensen
Creator of The FISH! Philosophy

“It was a kickstart to things I needed to change and it was a reminder of things I had allowed passively in my life as a leader.

FISH! Masterclass: Leadership Participant

Who is FISH! Masterclass: Leadership for?

Anyone who wants to move their organization or team forward—owners, managers, operations directors, internal training/HR professionals. A perfect fit for the person who is looking to personally develop their leadership skills so they can get in position to grow with their company.

Discover more about FISH! Masterclass: Leadership

What’s included?

  • Six two-hour coaching sessions via video chat with one FISH! coach

  • Group coaching limited to 10 or less to encourage high engagement

  • On-demand access to the original FISH! video and all 6 FISH! For Leaders Series of videos⁣⁣

  • Digital Participant Workbooks

  • Free Personal coaching call


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